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Gunnery Arms & Ammo was established in 2015 as an arms and ammunition dealer in Somerset West, Cape Town. Since then, it has grown to include a firearm licensing centre managed by (located in the same building at 5 & 6 Melcksloot Village, Somerset Mall, Cape Town.

Our new Gunnery Indoor Shooting Range opened in 2022 - it offers you the opportunity to handle a range of firearms in a safe and controlled environment, whether you’re a sports shooter, a first-time gun owner or looking to do a fun shoot with friends.

The focus areas of Gunnery Arms & Ammo include:
  • Sale of firearms and ammunition
  • Sale of firearm-related accessories
  • Sale of personal safety gadgets and accessories

Gunnery is registered with Sasseta and PFTC, and offers the following through
  • Firearm competency training
  • Firearm motivations
  • Firearm licensing

Our Team

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Gunnery Arms & Ammo
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